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What is the best cigar in the world?

It’s a matter of taste and opinion that varies from person to person.

For many people, nothing can match the prestige of a handmade cigar. As their name implies, these products are made completely by hand, carefully crafted by highly-skilled artisans and use the highest grades of tobacco.

For others, it is a matter of origin. Just as France has long been renowned for producing the world’s finest wines, Cuba has long had a reputation for producing the finest quality cigars and for some connoisseurs nothing but a genuine Havana cigar will do. However, just as there are now many excellent wines being made in California, Australia and South America. Countries such as the Dominican Republic and Honduras are now producing cigars of outstanding quality and taste

For others still, it is a question of strength. While some prefer the full-bodied taste of tobaccos from Cuba, Nicaragua and Honduras, others prefer the milder flavour of cigars from the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Ecuador and Mexico.

Some people enjoy cigars of an exclusive nature, products that are made from rare tobaccos or are produced only in small batches (usually with an equally exclusive price tag to match!).  

In the end, the “best” cigar in the world is the cigar that YOU enjoy the most, regardless of how much it costs or where it comes from.

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