Who is Casa Cubana

  • Importation and distribution of convenient products, Cuban coffee, products for vaping and products for smoking
  • More than 20,000 trade partners nationwide
  • Comprehensive selection of quality products at most competitive prices 

Why do business with us

  • Strong growth products
  • Extended distribution and sales force across Canada
  • Efficiency of online ordering combined with visits from qualified account representatives who help you increase sales
How to become a retailer How to distribute your products

Casa Cubana

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275, rue Stinson, Montréal
(Québec) CANADA  H4N 2E1

Tel.: 514-737-0066
Toll free: 1-877-606-1806

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Media enquiries: Media enquiries about Casa Cubana, its products and/or business practices should be directed to Mr. Luc Martial, Government Affairs at 819-743-9140.