Bill C-32

March 5, 2010

Updated: March 5, 2010

What's happened

More than 3 years ago, special interest groups in our country began aggressively lobbying Canadian governments to ban flavours in tobacco products.

These groups argued that the market for flavoured tobacco products was clearly “kids” – since no adult would ever smoke flavoured tobacco products. As a result, kids in Canada were starting to smoke because of flavours in tobacco products. Consequently, banning these products in Canada was necessary.

Their arguments, however, were never supported by the actual facts. While some kids were getting illegal access to these tobacco products (as they do with alcohol, illicit drugs and other non-flavoured tobacco products), the federal government’s own research clearly established flavoured tobacco products as a legal-age market-driven product. In fact, more kids actually consume non-flavoured tobacco products in greater numbers and quantities. As importantly, these groups and the politicians who blindly supported them, never could or tried to explain why the rampant use of flavours in a much wider-variety and greater quantity of alcohol products approved for sale by Canadian governments everyday was OK, but flavours in tobacco was not.

These groups focused their hatred on little cigars (cigarillos), encouraging youth groups and some politicians in supporting their attack against legal age smokers.

Funded with your tax dollars, they wasted no time in orchestrating the public fear and outrage necessary to getting their way – forcing the government to make yet again more laws against you and your lifestyle choice.

In October 2009, the federal government finally introduced unsubstantiated new regulations that will impact the sale of flavoured little cigars in Canada.

Bill C-32 is about morality, not health.

For more information on this issue and Bill C-32, please see attached documents below:

Casa Cubana News releases on Bill C-32:

What are the new laws regulating little cigars?

“Little cigars” are cigar products that weigh 1.4g. or less and/or have a cigarette filter.

  • As of April 6, 2010, all little cigar products will have to sold in packages of 20.
  • As of July 5, 2010, all flavours and many other prescribed/prohibited ingredients in little cigars are banned.

For more information on these regulations, please see attached link: An Act to Amend the Tobacco Act

What will happen to your products of choice?

Casa Cubana has always worked proactively to ensure that its activities and products are fully compliant with all of the laws which regulate tobacco in our country. Bill C-32 is no exception.

Casa Cubana will be evolving its product line to ensure that its new cigar products will remain fully compliant.

As of April 6th, 2010, Casa Cubana will remove all “little cigars” (1,4g or less or with cigarette filter) that are not sold in units of  at least 20.

As of July 5th 2010, Casa Cubana will remove all the “little cigars” that are not C-32 compliant and will replace it with compliant ones.

And you?

  • If you would like to obtain more information on how the new regulations came about;
  • If you would like to be kept informed as to Casa Cubana’s new flavoured cigar product line or if you have any thoughts on how we could improve your product of choice;
  • If you would like to be kept informed when new laws are introduced against your rights as a legal-age Canadian smoker…

Then please do not hesitate in contacting us.

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